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Welcome to Alphanomics

What is Alphanomics?
Alphanomics is an easy to use intelligence platform which simplifies blockchain on-chain activities to provide fast, real time, cleaned & curated insights to help uncover new opportunities, token trends and actionable insights for your trading and investments.
Trading and investing in the crypto markets is synonymous with the byproduct of millions upon millions of on-chain data transactions. This data is typically overlooked and rightly so, as vast amounts of raw crypto data without interpretation, aggregation or any kind of optimised interface make it fairly unusable and unhelpful.
On top of this, having insufficient context with crucial data points such as wallet anonymity, relationships and overall market sentiment missing will only cause further confusion and even lower utility.
Alphanomics was designed to solve this by allowing end users to leverage this powerful transaction data in easy to digest and extremely useful manner for their future trades and investment decisions.

What can Alphanomics be used for?

  • Real Time Insights to discover new asymmetric opportunities (discover the next PEPE or 100x token before the majority has already bought!)
  • Follow what the smartest traders and wallets are doing with their portfolio
  • Defend and make important trade decisions (risk management)
  • Be notified each time entities or top traders buy, sell or accumulate (always be in the loop)
  • Predict and forecast trends using on-chain flow analysis & AI predictions
  • Perform due diligence with your investment thesis on tokens using real time data
  • Use historical on-chain data to assist with your research and trading
Learn what the best traders/wallets are doing real time with full transparency.
At Alphanomics we have focused on eliminating all unnecessary elements and developed a platform from scratch that is specifically designed to be valuable for traders and investors, rather than merely presenting random or excessive noise.
Here are our core product features:

On-Chain Tool Suite

Live DEX Master - Constant real time on chain data stream of all movements and trades for a live overview and pulse on the market place, already indexing over 70+ million transactions.
Token Genius - Comprehensive token analyzer using advanced data cleansing & segmentation to identify crucial data points and front-run opportunities.
Wallet Deep Explorer - The ability to deep dive alpha in any wallet address to see historical & future* trade behaviours, performance, wallet movements and holdings.
On-chain GPT - Enhanced & integrated A.I tech within our smart money database, we use powerful algos to analyze millions of live transactions to uncover alpha insights like never before.
Perp DEX Flows - Coverage of all major Derivative & Perp DEX's, processing active positions, performance & open interest to unlock a wholistic outlook with our spot market DEX data.
Smart Alerts & Watch Lists - Highly customisable instant alerts and notifications options to keep users informed about the latest wallet/token movements. Using Telegram or Discord.

Discovery Alpha

This section represents one of the most powerful components we have developed at Alphanomics, encompassing a carefully curated selection of over 5000+ prominent entities, including whales, venture capitalists, funds, elite traders, and noteworthy wallets.
Here, we can closely track the actions of the most astute investors in real-time, allowing us to discern their activities from the noise prevalent on social media. Whether it's accumulation, panic selling or portfolio management, you will gain comprehensive insights into the behaviours of the top 1% of wallets.
Here is a break down of what we feature within our Discovery Alpha section:
Smart Whales - real time on chain stream of all buys, sells and swaps of the smartest money so you can see what the most sophisticated and clued actors are doing real time.
Smart Whale Holdings - Monitor what actual portfolio movements on the top 1%, see which tokens they are increasing / decreasing holdings over several time frames.
Net Buy Accumulators - View what the net buys are of all the biggest tokens to see what smart money is accumulating.
Fresh Accumulators - View what the latest freshest wallets are accumulating and buying in the market.
CEX Inflows / Outflows - Monitor the flows of tokens and stables entering and exiting the top exchanges.

Our Alpha Driven Community

Our community comprises all traders, Defi users, whales, investors, funds of all sophistications and utilize our platform to facilitate research, discovery, and gaining a competitive edge in trading and investing.
Our platform features can be utilized independently or synergistically within your trade decision models, empowering you to make informed decisions in the markets.
In the following documentation site, we will delve into strategies for maximizing the capabilities of our platform, ensuring that you stay ahead in the competitive landscape.
Alphanomics is currently in beta, our engineers are constantly updating and shipping! If you find any suggestions bugs or issues, please let us know by submitting in the form on the side panel!
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