⛓️Earning Rewards

How do i earn reward points?

Alphanomics is dedicated to establishing a dynamic and flourishing network and community on defi and on-chain enthusiasts. To achieve this, we have introduced a rewards system where members are incentivized for inviting other high value crypto on chain enthusiasts to join the Alphanomics platform.

There are several ways to earn reward points as detailed below or holding Nomieworld and other qualifying NFT's. NFT's must be held in the same wallet, points will be determined depening on the type and time elapsed since the NFT was held. Points will be reset and lost if NFT's are transferred or sold.

Reward points will be redeemed in future for NFT's, Merch, Account Upgrade Credits and also contribute to future community airdrops.

Earning Reward Points by Referrals

For each successful invite and for helping us grow as a community, you will receive +5 reward points and additional bonus points based on the level of activity demonstrated by each participant you invited. (We want to attract the highest quality alpha seekers on our platform!). Each account will have a maximum of 1000 invites. More can be requested manually to our mods in our community chat groups.

More points for engagement, genuine use of the platform, helpful Twitter threads on on-chain alpha discoveries and actual genuine analysis on tokens using our platform (not just copy/paste), and being an active member in our discord group.

As you accumulate points, you will also earn and unlock Alphanomics rank badges, awarded once you reach specific point thresholds - at each level you unlock an exclusive mint link for each of these badges.

Within your Alphanomics account dashboard, you will find your personal invite link, along with information on the number of available and claimed invites. The dashboard will also display your ranking, the total number of points you have accrued, and the badges you have unlocked.

You can view your position in the members leaderboard by clicking here.

IMPORTANT: to be credited fully for your points, you must use your personal platform invite link and if you want to be credited for your Twitter posts and Discord activity, please make sure you update your profile with your relevant ID's.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The content provided herein does not constitute an offer or invitation to buy any tokens or NFT's. The information presented includes speculative, future-oriented statements that are not assured and may vary from the final design, execution, and functionality of the technologies, systems, and components discussed. Alphanomics does not claim or guarantee the reliability or completeness of the information in this document, which may be revised at any time without prior announcement.

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