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Getting Started

How to get quickly started
To get started and setup your own account, simply click the top right "Connect Wallet" button.
Step 1 -Click Connect Wallet button
Step 2 - Select your wallet.
Step 3 - Click Sign in
To access your account, simply visit and click connect wallet at the top right.
The top navigation bar allows you to access various features such as Smart Alerts and Watchlists which you can learn about here.
Top Right hand corner navigation
In the top right corner, you'll find a small user icon that opens a menu when clicked. This account menu provides access to your account info dashboard, resources documentation, and the ability to request assistance via our Telegram group.
On the top left-hand side, you'll find the chains listed for selection. You can toggle and choose your desired chain. Please note that we are actively working on adding more chains.
Chain Selection
Under the DEX Tool Suites, by clicking on Token Genius, you'll be directed to the Alpha Search Center for tokens. Here, you can search by token name, ticker, or explore the Top DEX volume or trending boxes where you can unearth tokens which the market seems to be gravitating to.
If you wish to explore the Wallet Deep Explorer and delve into specific wallets or addresses, simply paste the address or ENS (Ethereum Name Service) into the Alpha Search Center and hit the search button. It will take you to the corresponding wallet page, providing comprehensive insights into its historical performance, token holdings, lifetime earnings and much more - all up to the present day.
Lastly, please join our community with other enthusiasts where we share undiscovered finds, news and everything on-chain by clicking here.