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PRO Access

How do I get access to PRO?
Our objective is to deliver a robust and user-friendly application that encourages widespread adoption in the cryptocurrency landscape, while ensuring accessibility for a diverse range of users. In pursuit of this goal, we have made our all-in-one platform completely free to utilize.
By creating a basic account, you will gain access to some of our fundamental product features like the Live DEX Master, Token Genius (partial), and the Wallet Deep Explorer.
For those who desire to take their experience to the next level and attain a greater edge and advantage, we provide the option to upgrade to our PRO-enabled platform. This enables access to even more powerful features and functionalities.
Discovery Alpha - Pro Access

PRO Account Features

PRO accounts will have unrestricted access to the following:
  • 1000 Smart Alerts & Watch List Tracker
  • Access to a Private Founders Telegram
  • Unlocks Discovery Alpha Suite Smart Whales, Smart Holdings, Fresh/Net Buy Accumulators
  • Access to A.I Alpha Query
  • Unlocks Token Genius Pro (Accumulators & Top DEX Traders)
  • Global Top 100 Traders/Whales
  • CEX Net inflows / Outflows and also Fresh Wallet Data
In the near future, you will have the ability to gain access to a PRO account. We will be announcing shortly how you will be able to upgrade your account to PRO level.