⛓️SAGE Program

The SAGE Rewards program (Self Accuracy Generates Efficiency) within Alphanomics stands as a dynamic user incentive initiative specifically designed to enhance data accuracy and contribute to the richness of the platform's analytical offerings.

Through this program, network users who diligently participate in the labeling of wallet addresses and smart contract transactions are recognized and rewarded. By contributing to identifying and categorizing data points, these users help refine the platform's intelligence, ensuring that traders and analysts receive the most reliable and precise information.

The SAGE Rewards program incentivizes such contributions by providing rewards in ANOMI tokens, bolsters the community's engagement, and ensures a continual enhancement of the data's integrity. This, in turn, solidifies the ecosystem’s credibility and value proposition, as accurate labeling directly translates into more actionable insights for all users, fostering an environment where data accuracy is not just expected but systematically encouraged and valued.

Only those holding specific eco-system partnered NFT's will be able to partake in the SAGE program when it is released.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The content provided herein does not constitute an offer or invitation to buy any tokens or NFT's. The information presented includes speculative, future-oriented statements that are not assured and may vary from the final design, execution, and functionality of the technologies, systems, and components discussed. Alphanomics does not claim or guarantee the reliability or completeness of the information in this document, which may be revised at any time without prior announcement.

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