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What it does and how do I use it?

This forms the foundation of Alphanomics - a live and continuous real-time stream of on-chain data encompassing the majority of DEX AMM transactions. This stream provides the most up-to-date and authentic overview of the broader marketplace, giving a pulse on the current state of affairs.

By continuously receiving a stream of on-chain data, we can accurately observe the real-time actions and behaviors of the market, in contrast to the noise found on something like Twitter. With our platform, you will have visibility into every individual buy, sell, or swap occurring across all selected chains and Automated Market Makers (AMMs).

To provide you with real-time insights, we have positioned three segmented summary tables at the top. These tables display the essentials such as "Total Market Cap, Volume (24hr/7days)", "Top Whale Transactions" and "Top Volume Tokens," allowing you to instantly observe significant transactions and tokens with the highest trading volume. These serve as indicators of areas of interest, market traction and enabling us to further explore and uncover valuable information regarding tokens and wallets.

The stream eliminates unnecessary noise and provides us with crucial insights and a more of granular view, including:

  • Timestamp

  • Type of trade

  • Token involved

  • Price of the trade

  • Amount traded

  • Wallet and Transaction details

By having access to this detailed information, we can promptly observe any activity occurring within decentralized order books. We can rely on our own observations to confirm the market situation, unaffected by deceptive CEX order books or viral tweets regarding market sentiment.

How to use?

The Live DEX Master stream offers various ways to leverage its capabilities:

  • Identify newly emerging tokens as they appear on the live stream.

  • Investigate the motives behind specific wallets engaging in buying, selling, or swapping activities.

  • Identify whales and smart DEX traders through anomalous transactions.

  • Determine the most actively traded tokens, disregarding the influence of Twitter noise.

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the market's real sentiment.

This stream provides valuable data that allows you to gauge whether there is a widespread swap of stable coins, indicating a potential stable coin de-pegging scenario, or detect significant accumulation of a new meme coins. With this stream, you will have access to all this data and more in real time.

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