🔵Smart Alerts & Watchlists

What is it and how do I use it?

Through Alphanomics, we can establish immediate notifications for any wallet or token based on specific criteria. This feature enables users to track, stay updated, and monitor the movements of wallets or tokens that pique their interest.

By being able to identify instances where influential investors or large holders are selling a particular token, we gain a potential advantage in managing risks proactively before witnessing widespread panic selling in the market. Additionally, this capability can unveil new accumulation patterns.

Below, you'll find a tutorial video that guides you through the process of setting up your intelligent alerts.

You must setup your own telegram channel and add 2 admins/bots in order for smart alerts to function properly, here is the first step in this video

The next step is setting the Smart Alerts on the platform.

The Smart Watchlists feature is quite straightforward once up and running. Within Token Genius, you'll find an "Add to watchlist" button for each token, and you'll also see the same option within Wallet Deep Explorer. Utilize these buttons to keep track of your favorite tokens and wallets effectively.

You can access by clicking on the top right navigation:

Toggle between both token and wallets here:

Here is quick tutorial on how to utilize and setup your own Smart Watchlists:

While it may seem simple, leveraging Alphanomics as a discovery platform and configuring Smart Alerts can truly provide you with a competitive advantage when trading in this market.

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