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What it does and how do I use it?

Token Genius is a robust token analyzer that thoroughly queries all data transactions associated with a particular token. Alphanomics employs advanced processing and cleansing segmentation techniques to retrieve DEX transactions involving the specified token making it extremely useful when it comes to doing due diligence or discovering new investment opportunities.

At the top section, you will find essential token information such as holders, prices, volume, contract details, and market capitalization. Additionally, you have the option to add these tokens to your watchlist or navigate directly to etherscan for further exploration on the top right box.

DEX Transactions

Next, you will discover categorized DEX transactions related to this particular token, providing detailed information such as time, price, amount, wallet, and all individual transaction details.

This resource is valuable for sifting through and gaining insights into the buying and selling activities, allowing you to gauge live and in real time the participants and the extent of their transactions. This in granular sense gives a pulse of whats happening with these tokens on DEX's.

Top Holders

The "Top Holder" tab provides comprehensive information about the largest holding wallets, including the percentage of the circulating supply they possess, as well as their top 10 tokens within the same wallet.

Additionally, you will find details such as wealth range and the latest/earliest receipt dates, allowing you to determine if these holders are early team members/buyers or if they have recently initiated their positions.

Top DEX Traders (PRO)

Another powerful tab is the "Top DEX Traders," where you can explore the leading traders who have actively engaged with DEXs. Here, you will discover sophisticated traders and individuals with significant investment expertise.

You can also access valuable insights such as their realized profit and loss (P&L), return on investment (ROI), number of trades, and other pertinent information. This tab serves as an excellent resource to identify token-specific whales and some of the most astute traders in the ecosystem.


Coming soon.

Whale Transactions

Whale transactions is a powerful feature that segments all live real time transactions involving at least $50,000 worth of the traded token. This allows you to isolate and examine trades beyond the realm of small and casual transactions, offering insights into larger volume and size trades.

It serves as an excellent resource to uncover significant transactions made by whales, providing valuable alpha and facilitating an understanding of which prominent investors are actively transacting.

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