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What it is and how do i use it?

Our Deep Wallet Explorer is a robust core tool within Alphanomics specifically designed to provide comprehensive alpha insights into any wallet address. With this tool, you can effortlessly access crucial information such as historical and potential future trade behaviours, performances, wallet movements, and holdings.

By examining past performance, we can assign significance to recent transactions within wallets where the owners are unknown.

This enables us to deduce whether the wallet belongs to a savvy DEX trader or a long-term holder regardless of identity. Additionally, you can track noteworthy wallets that exhibit impressive performance or have a consistent track record, allowing you to engage in strategies like copy trading and discovering new buying/selling opportunities before the masses.

How to use?

Simply head to Wallet Deep Explorer under the DEX Tool Suite and within the alpha search box, paste any wallet address!

Wallet Deep Explorer Summary

In the initial section of the Wallet Deep Explorer (WDE), you will discover essential information pertaining to a specific wallet or address. This includes:

  • Total Asset Balance: The combined value of assets held across all chains.

  • NFTs: The number of non-fungible tokens associated with the address.

  • ENS: Any Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains linked to the address.

  • Age: The duration since the wallet's creation and its first transaction.

  • Activities: The quantity of decentralized exchange (DEX) transactions.

  • Wealth Type: Categorization of the wealth type associated with the wallet.

  • Ranking: The position of the wallet in relation to other top DEX participants.

  • Wallet ROI: The Return on Investment (ROI) percentage calculated by analyzing the lifetime profit and loss of the wallet's total investments.

  • AI Alpha Labels: Feature coming soon.

Additionally, you have the option to directly access Etherscan for further details on the address, set up Smart Alerts specifically for this wallet, and add it to your personal watchlist.

Wallet Net-Worth / Lifetime P&L

In this section, you will find three primary boxes that provide a detailed breakdown of the performance of the searched wallet or address:

  • Net Worth: This box displays the total net worth associated with the selected chain for the wallet/address.

  • Lifetime Realized Profit & Loss (P&L): Here, you can view the amount of profit realized from decentralized exchange (DEX) trades conducted by the wallet/address.

  • Net Worth History: This box presents a visual representation of the historical lifetime profit and loss (P&L) across all chains associated with the wallet/address.

Portfolio Distribution

You will see the token and portfolio breakdown of the searched address here, you can toggle between different visual summaries.

Traded Token History

This is a robust feature that allows you to review the past trades executed by a specific wallet address. With this feature, you can track the timing and quantity of token purchases made throughout the price cycle.

Additionally, you will have access to a summary of the total buy and sell volume, average buy/sell price, and the realized profit and loss (P&L) associated with the selected token in their trading history.

Simply select the past traded token in the top left hand corner, you can also toggle with the timeframes on the right.

Wallet DEX Transactions

Here is a live stream displaying the most recent transactions on the decentralized exchange (DEX) for this wallet. Additionally, you will find tabs that allow you to switch and view token transfers as well as other types of transactions.

CEX Exchange Usage

This provides a summary of the CEX utilization regarding both deposits and withdrawals. It is helpful for determining whether this wallet engages in buying or selling activities on CEX as part of its trading strategy.

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