🛡️Token Genius Profile Update

What does keeping Token Genius profiles up-to-date do?

With hundreds of thousands of visitors on our platform, you can improve your project's presence by making sure your Token Genius Profile is updated with an enhanced description, updated social links and custom banner. It will also unlock your project with a Nomics Check Badge, improve your Nomics Score and contribute to you trending on our home page.

This update can only be done via this form - click here

Enhance and Stand Out Display your project's custom logo, description, banner and social links on Alphanomics Token Genius, making it stand out and easy for users and traffic to find out about your project.

Improve Credibility Having enhanced images, text and links about your project, helps displays trustworthiness and pro-activeness

Boost Community Engagement Crypto projects thrive on their communities. Up to date Token Genius Profiles Info helps increases community sentiment and engagement, helping with community growth and narrative.

Accurate Market Cap & Supply Alphanomics takes into account your self-reported locked supply so that your market cap is up to date.

Note, this is not mandatory as we still use Etherscan and other sites to (eventually) populate your information; however, it may take much longer.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The content provided herein does not constitute an offer or invitation to buy any tokens or NFT's. The information presented includes speculative, future-oriented statements that are not assured and may vary from the final design, execution, and functionality of the technologies, systems, and components discussed. Alphanomics does not claim or guarantee the reliability or completeness of the information in this document, which may be revised at any time without prior announcement.

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